Video Talent Pool is a website focused on enabling Candidates to promote themselves to potential Employers with the aid of Video.

You can create your own personal 3 dimensional profile consisting of Video, Audio and Text files and then share this publication with potential employers.

As your skillsets change you can update your profile at any time and your details are held in the VideoTalentPool database which can be accessed by potential Employers.

Using the TalkingCV recording process you can record for FREE with no additional / hidden costs.

If at any stage you wish to remove your publication then this can be done through your personal login.


Candidate Benefits

Research has shown that you only have seven seconds to make a good first impression, but if you do it right, seven second is all you will need. In an increasingly competitive job market it’s a video CV that will make you stand out from the crowd!

With the ability to view the interview answers and re-record where necessary, you can make sure that your video CV portrays your skills and attributes to their maximum potential.

Record your own personal TalkingCV for free and get it registered on the Video Talent Pool database now!


The Process

Using an Internet-enabled PC with webcam or mobile device you can create your own Video CV.

The interview questions can be selected at the beginning and have been designed for different positions / industrial areas. You will be asked to upload your electronic text based CV which will appear on the right hand side of the final publication.

Any recording you make can be re-recorded before going to the next question or completing the interview.

Once you have completed your Video CV recordings you will receive a unique URL for your publication that can be added any Job Board or sent to a Recruiter.



Video Talent Pool is a hosted service delivered over the Internet. Once you have recorded your own personal Video CV you will receive an email with a unique URL.

This URL can then be forwarded to potential employers via email allowing them to meet you at their convenience.

As only the link is sent via email there is no problem with it being rejected by a company’s corporate firewall due to the size or content.

Providing you with an immediate competitive edge over rival candidates, your Video CV is easy to create, send and receive, making sure you stand out from the crowd.


About Us

Video Talent Pool is a candidate focused website allowing candidates to record their Video CV for free.

As part of the iteba group of companies Video Talent Pool uses the TalkingCV technology to power the recording process.

Once recorded the Candidate can update their recording at any time through the MyTalkingCV login.

The candiate’s Video CV is added to the Video Talent Pool database and a unique URL provided which can be shared with potential employers.